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e-file forms 1099 (tax year 2023)

E-FILING is easy, secure and can be completed within minutes. We do all the work for you, simply fill in our CSV template and pay our fee. Encrypted electronic versions in ".pdf" format of your forms will be emailed to you shortly after submission. You don’t need to file Form 1096 when using this system. IRS acknowledgment will follow within 24 hours.

PRICING: $35.00 or $5.00 per form, whichever is greater. You can file up to 100 forms. The minimum fee is $35, you can file up to 7 forms for that price, after 7 forms the price will increase by $5 per form.

GENERAL GUIDELINES: Adhere to these guidelines to avoid delays:
  • Avoid commas (,), leading and trailing spaces. Use only letters, numbers, blank space, hyphen (-) and ampersand (&).
  • The term Issuer is synonymous with Payer, Provider, Filer, Lender, Creditor, Corporation, Trustee and Acquirer.
  • The term Recipient is synonymous with Transferor, Debtor, Payee, Borrower, Shareholder, Policy Holder, Payment Recipient, Seller and Beneficiary.
  • Issuer TIN Type must be "SSN" or "EIN". Form 1096 is not needed when using this system.
  • Recipient TIN Type must be "SSN", "EIN", "ATIN", "ITIN", "QI-EIN" or "UND".
  • TINs must be formatted as "xx-xxxxxxx" or "xxx-xx-xxxx". If TIN Type = "UND", then TIN format must be "xxxxxxxxx"
  • Phone numbers and email addresses are optional. Domestic phone numbers must be 10 digits long.
  • Checkboxes should be entered as "Y" for checked or "N" for unchecked. If left blank, it will default to "N"
  • Country code is a required field and should be entered according to their designated abbreviation. For United States use code "US".
  • US State codes must correspond to their 2 letter abbreviation.
  • Values may include no more than two digits after the decimal. Do not use dollar signs or commas.
  • The structure of the CSV template must remain unchanged. Do not delete or add any columns.
  • Limited to 100 records per CSV template.
  • Combined State Information will be omitted if it does not conform with formatting guidelines.
  • If you would like TaxMe to email encrypted Forms 1099 in ".pdf" format to the recipient, you must provide BOTH the recipient's email address and telephone number. These fields are located to the rightmost column of your template. All forms will be encrypted and emailed to the issuer's and/or recipient's email address. Only US phone numbers allowed. TaxMe DOES NOT DELIVER PAPER FORMS. Important: Recipients must authorize issuers before furnishing information returns electronically. We recommend all issuers become familiar with IRS guidelines before furnishing information returns electronically.
  • We highly recommend getting familiar with each template's formatting guidelines (available below).
  • From the drop down menu select the form you want to transmit to the IRS.
  • Download both the template and formatting guidelines in order to prepare your data.
  • When you are ready to submit:
    • Upload your file. Only ".csv" files will be accepted.
    • Read and Confirm the Perjury Statement by checking the "I agree” box.
    • Type your email address and the “Authorized By” name.
    • Click the "Authorize and Send" button.
    • Important: Errors in your submission file will be displayed on top of this page. Correct all errors and upload your file again by clicking the back button on your browser.

PERJURY STATEMENT: Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have examined the information contained in the attached document and to the best of my knowledge and belief, it is true, correct, and complete. By clicking the "Authorize and Send" button, I further declare I am the authorized individual and I authorize Tax Me, LLC (TaxMe) to electronically transmit this information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). I certify that: a) I understand that I may be subject to penalties if I submit fraudulent information. b) I understand that TaxMe may prevent me from using this service if TaxMe determines or suspects there has been misuse of this system. c) I am aware that any person who knowingly and willingly makes any representation to falsely obtain information from TaxMe records and/or intends to deceive TaxMe as to the true identity of an individual could be punished by a fine or imprisonment, or both.      I agree

Upon successful upload, a notification will display on top of this screen immediately followed by an email. Our fee must be paid before process begins.