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"MAN do I appreciate you helping me! Thank you! I love your service; it is exactly what I needed. I'm a customer for life." - Vincent R. Ledlow - Ledlow Law P.C.

"You guys always, ALWAYS help me with questions and concerns during the process weather it’s filing or paying. If you want honest, kind, and helpful people…use TaxMe." - Billy Clift - Clift Investments, LLC.

"I manage two companies, so every quarter it's 941s for both of them: pull up blank template, fill it out, hope I didn't miss a line and hope the math is correct, double check it, triple check it. Yes it's right. Trudge down to the post office, wait in line, pay extra for certified mail with proof of receipt. Hope they get it, hope they key it in correctly, hope I don't hear from them. Oops I heard from them, now I answer back with proof that I sent everything, and no I don't owe $$$$ plus $$$ fines. Ok, I was right, so $$$$ is deducted but now I still have a balance due of $$$+. Huh??? More correspondence (post office/long lines/certified mail/proof). Seriously...if you guys charged twice as much it would still be cheaper than the old way. Just sayin. I love it when somebody does something right." - Sylvia Paulsen - The Gardener's Cottage, Inc.

"This was my first year filing employer IRS forms myself, so I was very unsure of the process. I found TaxMe on the IRS website for recommended e-filers. Filling out the forms and submitting payment for them on the TaxMe website was very easy. But what really impressed me about TaxMe was the customer service. TaxMe responded to my emails and questions in impressive fashion. I received responses within minutes, and they were always friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. I will definitely return to TaxMe next year to file my forms and I recommend their services to everyone." - Holly Hedgecock - Self Employed

"Hi Guys - Awesome software! Makes it so painless to submit 941's, which normally can have SO many problems when the IRS reviews them! You take all the guessing out ,as well as making it pretty impossible to screw up the return! I saw that you were the only IRS-approved vendor for 2021, and I had to file some missing returns for 2020, so I definitely wanted to start with Tax-Me!" - Stephen Memishian - The American Hot Rod Foundation

"Thank you Ivan for walking me through the process of utilizing your company's website to file employer tax forms electronically. I can't begin to express my gratitude on having a personal experience with a LIVE person instead of the usual machine prompted assist. In today's ever-evolving computer environment, it is next to impossible to have a conversation, let alone a satisfactory outcome, with automation. I know when I dial your number, someone will answer. This is more valuable than Bitcoin! Thank you again and look forward to working with your company 🙂" - Michelle Walshaw - Brightway AB LLC

"Ivan and the team are phenomenal, walked a rookie like myself through filing my 941 and 940 with ease. Thanks guys, you rock!" - Dave A. CEO & CISO - StopAHack.com LLC