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As of May 18, 2024, TaxMe has successfully processed 27,558 employment tax forms (941, 940, and 944). This accomplishment has aided 6,010 businesses in fulfilling their employment filing obligations, showcasing our dedication to efficient and reliable service.

Paper-filed returns are prone to various issues, including the risk of being lost in the mail and a higher error rate of 21%, compared to just 0.5% for e-filed returns. Moreover, the processing time for paper-filed returns averages 24 days, while e-filed returns are processed within a few hours, highlighting the efficiency and accuracy of electronic filing.

At TaxMe, we are committed to providing the simplest, most secure, and efficient electronic filing method available. Our products are free to try, requiring no online accounts, usernames, or passwords. Simply fill out your form, download, review, and submit it, and we will e-file your 94x form as soon as our fee is paid. Click here to begin.